5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Conference

I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a fair amount of conferences over the past few years: everything from Business Today in New York City (started by Steve Forbes and hosted by Princeton University); to the World Business Dialogue in Cologne, Germany (where I joined a group of international students to win a startup pitching competition); to the Produced By Conference this past weekend at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood. Though each of these gatherings have been very different in subject matter, they all offered attendees the same thing; incredible opportunities.

7 Easy Ways (and Reasons) To Go Out Every Day of the Week

I often share LA escapades and industry event outings, which range from music festivals to brand parties to movie premieres and more…

While I love giving the inside scoop on all these happenings — I want to make sure that readers are getting more out of my posts than just blurbs about past experiences. I want YOU to become a part of the Industry In-crowd; but to be IN-dustry, you’ve got to put yourself out there!

Virtual Reality: A New Medium for Narrative?

Can you imagine watching a live-action feature film in Virtual Reality? Well, not many people can – and that’s because it’s never been done before.

Though virtual reality seems to be the talk of the town these days, Hollywood has yet to show us its ability to either create the technology needed for a full-length film, or develop quality narratives to take VR from where it is now to the next level. Yes, VR is very much still in its infant stage, but it’s never too early as producers, studio execs and marketers alike to look ahead and position ourselves competitively with this new storytelling medium.

What 10 Nights In Asia Taught Me About Hollywood

Thanksgiving to most Americans is all about the T’s: Turkey, Tradition and… Turkey.

This past Thanksgiving however, I opted for my own “T” to observe the holiday: Thailand. Instead of going home to Colorado to over-indulge on delicious food, watch football, and shop during the epileptic horror show we call “Black Friday,” I decided to take a trip to the Far East and do something new for a change [...]