Setting New Goals: Fit & Funny

Yesterday, I completed a 10-day detox plan (yes, I live in LA SORRY).

I'm not telling you that because I want to you to comment on how good I look (but I'm not discouraging you from doing that, particularly on my Instagram). Instead, I'm sharing the thought process that I've been overcome with this morning: "what now?"

These last 10 days helped me get back on-track, both with my diet and my exercise, and I feel great. But I find myself staring at the month ahead of me (and the 27 days specifically that I have before attend a wedding in NYC) with a need for sense of direction to continue on my path.

Side note: I purposefully bought my bridesmaid dress 1 size too small to force myself to get into shape. The pressure is on.

As I started logging down in my journal exactly how I'll be eating and what I expect to lose in a month, I had a moment of clarity. Whether it's your body, your career, of for me my stand-up/writing, you have to do the exact same thing to reach success: plan, outline and commit.

We've all started the New Year off with a resolution to "lose weight," or "be more creative," but at least from experience I've found it to be more successful when I have a clear and measurable program in place, a goal in mind, and a plan of how to stay accomplished along the way. And believe me, I've yo-yo'd, so I know.

And with that said, I'm setting new goals. Yes, we get it, I want to be fit. But I want to be funnier, and take my work to the next level.

If you're on the same comedy path, consider:

  1. Researching festivals, fellowships, scholarships, etc and identifying which to apply to / when deadlines are.
  2. Get to working on your newest tape. Write those jokes now knowing you need a certain amount of minutes, and fill in the blanks.
  3. Logging your jokes/scripts and seeing where you are - then setting a goal of how much material you need to finish the next project.

Be funny my friends. Think thin thoughts.